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Zelin Cai

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  • has worked with hands
  • has worked outdoors
  • has operated small machinery / power tools
  • manufacturing
  • can read engineering designs (blueprints, schematics, specifications)
  • has used CAD software
  • has operated CNC machines
  • has used electronics lab tools (multimeter, oscilloscope, power supply)
  • has used machine shop tools (mill, lathe, saw, grinder, press)
  • experience with wiring harnesses and soldering
  • workplace skills
  • has customer service experience
  • proficient with office software suite (word processor, spreadsheet, slides)
  • has done problem solving / soft skills training
  • willing to
  • has a car
  • has a driver license
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    • #manufacturing
    • #manufacturing
    • An orthographic drawing I was given at Humanmade on the left with my piece on the right. #manufacturing
    • This is a modular car dashboard project whose main purpose was to inform the driver about their car's maintenance. The top picture is the dashboard's main screen and the bottom picture shows one of the maintenance screens.
    • This is a modular locker system that functioned like the Amazon lockers. The top picture shows the set password screen which is one of the displays in the user interface. The bottom picture shows how the lockers function once a user sets or enters their password with the interface sending a signal to the red microcontroller then to the blue component and finally to the solenoid lock at the end. #manufacturing
    • This was one of the first pieces I produced on a Tormach CNC machine called an H-bridge. This piece introduced a few new concepts to me such as multiple setups and tool rigidity. The first picture shows the first setup. The second picture shows the second setup but the end mill wasn't fully secure in the Tormach. The last picture is the same setup as the second picture but the tool was fully secure that time.

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